Human Resources, are you a good employer?

Lead by example

A positive attitude is contagious but so is a negative attitude. If you want your employees to feel confident about their future, then you must show them confidence. You are their leader and must remember that as a leader you must lead. In order to lead effectively you display to your employees what you would like to see in them. If you want a group of pessimistic, angry people then lead with that attitude. If you would like to see positive, energetic, people, then display those behaviors in yourself and your work.  A negative attitude will breed conflict and bring moral down. Show your employees that anything is possible and problem solving is a piece of cake with a positive attitude.

No excuses

Don’t make excuses for why something was not handled appropriately. Take responsibility for what happens. Show your employees it is ok to admit when you are wrong. You are not looking for perfect people who never make mistakes. Perfect people do not exist. You are looking for problem solvers. Solving a problem is not possible if you are cloaking the root of the problem with excuses. When you find a mistake simply make your employee aware and then say, “Now, what can we do to fix this, and how can we make sure it never happens again?”  When people begin to take responsibility for their mistakes, real change will occur. This is when focus will be on progress and true growth is inevitable.

Don’t encourage the blame game

When something goes awry, be careful how you react. Remember everyone is taking cues off of you. Blaming someone else for problems that arise is a slippery slope. It is easy to point the finger at someone but that brings you back to accountability. Remember the focus should remain problem solving and moving forward. Focusing on the negative will keep your team complacent. Focus on moving forward, solutions, and results. Be careful to not become stagnant.

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