Promoting Diversity in the Workplace

In today’s global market, embracing a diverse workforce is almost a businesses necessity rather than a choice.  Diversity refers to the differences between people such as age, gender, culture, educational background, personality etc.  If everyone who works in an office looks the same and thinks the same, this puts a business at a huge disadvantage.  Why is this?  Diversity encourages new and different ideas, establishes a business reputation that is socially responsible, develops adaptability in a global economy, and offers greater opportunities for employee development. So how can your business promote diversity effectively? 

Establish a Diversity Committee

Encourage employees to get involved and act as a voice for diversity.  The committee should blend different personality types, roles in the company, and genders who suggest strategies and goals to achieve diversity.  This committee should also be given a certain amount of power to create and lead the charge for developing new programs such as workshops and community initiatives.  

Focus on Hiring Practices

Analyze the hiring process and the methods used for attracting diverse candidates. It may also be helpful to scrutinize your current employee makeup such as ratios of women and minorities in certain roles. Also examine the hiring demographics and recruiting sources typically used.  It is possible that they are less than ideal for creating diversity.  

Nurture a Tolerant Workplace Culture

There are different ways for developing a culture that supports diversity.  Require diversity training for new hires.  Implement policies that address discriminatory or unacceptable behaviors.  Placing employees with diverse backgrounds in leadership roles also sends the right message.

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