Human Resources: Connect with Potential Clients Through Inspiring Language

Perhaps the most important role of business leaders is to assist employees in bringing the most out of themselves. One of the most powerful tools supervisors can use is their language. Employers want to, of course, be positive when speaking with workers but, they can go further and gain additional benefits when they use a set of specific words. Thoughtful motivational speech can transform your workplace for the better. Learn specific triggering language to infuse your facility with energy, heightened creativity, improved communication and more frequent winning smiles.

Start by making a list of words with favorable connotations that are especially helpful in work situations. Review the list daily and strive to use several of them multiple times during each day. Strike a balance between trying out new ones and repeating ones that resonate most with you and garner favorable response from staff members.  It might feel a little forced in the beginning but with consistent use it will become natural. Aside from the direct benefit of motivating employees, another key perk is that over time employees will adopt some if not all of this inspiring language and will use it with clients. In turn, customers become inspired to engage your services more frequently and/or buy more of your products.

Begin crafting your list today! Here is a short vocabulary list of nouns, verbs and adjectives you can draw from: powerful, achieve, accomplish, ensure, timely, rewarding, joyful, good, exciting, secure, discovery, faith, belief, vision, health, creative, solid, adventure, brilliant, bold, flourish, worthy, whole, captivate, wellness, victorious, glorious, value, thankful, sublime, skilled, appreciate and outstanding. Find others online and in books and periodicals that appeal to you particularly and continue to add to your “good speech portfolio”.

Leaders need to continually learn and use the tools they discover. Altering or adding new words to your natural speech and written communications presents a challenge but, as with most difficult endeavors, once you make a concentrated attempt, change occurs and growth results.