Human Resources Using Human Resources

With today’s ever-growing influx of new employees labeled the millennial, it would be beneficial for the Human Resources Department to use this new valuable resource as a teaching pool of individuals that can give insight into a technological world that long-standing members of the department are not as savvy with.

“Each One Teach One” Unknown

As the longer standing administrators and managers of your organization begin the training process necessary for new team members to integrate seamlessly into their new positions, develop a plan that gives the incoming, new, tech savvy worker the idea that what they bring to the company is as valuable as what they are going to get out of it.

This plan will give your team the cohesive atmosphere it needs for higher productivity, and eliminate the generation gulf that sometimes comes with the hiring of new, more technologically inclined individuals. There is no longer a generation gap in the world, but a gulf, and we have to make sure that the inner workings of our companies focus on up-building our team members, old and new. Every worker is valuable to make a company strong, and if you exercise what made the company strong in the past, by assimilating it with future ideas and abilities, your team will produce a company that has invested in its future.

As a human resource service we must remember to service in-house as well as our customers. When we build from the inside out, our business is stronger and productivity is higher.

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