Why Use Personalized Human Resources Approaches Over Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is becoming a powerful force in many fields, and some companies are starting to experiment with using it in their Human Resource departments. While we applaud technological advances, we strongly believe that artificial intelligence lack a certain human touch needed for Human Resource matters.

When you work with people-staffed Human Resource departments, you get the following qualities:

Nonverbal Communication. People have the ability to attune to the needs of others, and interpret various nonverbal cues, such as tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions. Artificial intelligence doesn’t have the ability to understand and actively respond to these very important cues, all of which help understand and respond to employee needs.

Emotional Intelligence. Human Resource professionals have strong capacities to empathize with employees and respond with sensitivity, which helps in a variety of situations, from helping new employees feel comfortable to skillfully handling complex interpersonal HR matters. Automated systems have much more limited ranges of emotional expression. 

A Holistic Evaluation. Artificial Intelligence evaluates candidates through algorithms, such as searching for key words in a resume and using pre-programmed metrics to evaluate employees. Hiring and evaluating situations frequently requires a more global, holistic approach, something human Human Resource professionals are skilled at doing.

A Personalized Approach. With an artificial intelligence system, the program will use a repetitive system to deal with typical HR matters, such as new hire onboarding paperwork, the annual health insurance open enrollment period, and exit interviews. Employees are unique, and sometimes need different approaches that a human representative can easily provide.

Do you need help running the Human Resources department at your organization? You’ll always work with warm, friendly people who give you personalized service when you work with us.