Etiquette at your Office Holiday Party

The holiday season is soon to be upon us with lots of corporate gatherings and events to attend.  The first and most important rule to remember is that no matter how fun and festive the event, it’s still business and your place of work.  Here are some offices tips and guidelines to ensure a good balance of holiday spirit and office etiquette for your upcoming events.

  • Do not pass up the invitation to attend your office party.It is a time for employers to show their appreciation and raise morale and motivation.Your absence and tardiness will be noticed.
  • Celebrations and libations in moderation.Remember professional conduct still applies.
  • Dress appropriately.You have worked hard to create a professional image. Make sure to preserve it.
  • A company party is great opportunity to become visible to your organizations executives and management team.Use this opportunity to mingle with other departments and build relationships.
  • Acknowledge the efforts of those who coordinated the event. Events take a lot of time to plan and orchestrate.A simple acknowledgment of thanks makes it all worthwhile.
  • Don’t make the common mistake of inviting a plus one.Spouses and significant others are not always on the guest list.
  • If you are being honored at the holiday event, make sure to give thanks for the recognition.
  • Don’t just make an exit.Obligatory goodbyes are not only polite but necessary.Common courtesy will be remembered and appreciated.