Human Resources and 3 Tips for Minimizing Negativity in the Workplace

Your company is only as strong as the people who you employ. You can have the best product, for the greatest price, but none of that matters if your employees are not up to standard. This does not just mean according to individual skill set. Negativity not only breeds negativity, but it attracts negative consequences as well. The mind is a powerful thing and a mind filled with negativity will successfully destroy even the best of situations.

The buck stops here.

At the end of the day, you are the owner of the business and must exude confidence, a positive attitude, and integrity. If you do not, don’t expect the same from your team. Being the owner of a business means you must lead by example. This is your most powerful tool.

Management and their role.

Your management is as important, if not more important than you. The fact remains they will be the people who interact with your staff more hours a day than you will in a week. It is your duty to teach them how to remain positive and be problem solvers. Never respond to petty finger-pointing and blame games. When approached with issues, respond by being a good listener. Guide your management staff away from “who the problem originated from”, and lead them into “how can we fix this so it never recurs again?” Be sure they are addressing the issue with their subordinates in the same way. Recognize the mistake made but be sure the support the person who made the mistake in making different decisions in the future so the mistake is not repeated. Blaming people, coupled with multiple discussions among the staff to replay the situation, is not only counterproductive, it is also a colossal waste of time and payroll hours. People get caught up in the drama of a story and will spend hours discussing different opinions and scenarios. Don’t allow wasted time to take place of solution seeking.

Less talking, more work!

Do not accept negativity in the workplace. Gently remind people of the outcome of negativity. Consistency is key. Repeat the same phrase every time and people will eventually change because they know what to expect from you. It is acceptable to stop potential lengthy debates amongst everyone that are non-productive. Say to your employees, “So, we are clear on the issue at hand, but I want to hear solutions.” Once the appropriate solution is found there is nothing left to discuss. Always verbalize when pleased with the results of your team’s solution seeking efforts. Human Resources is not an easy department, but when your team is positive and on the same page, gratification of a job well done is very satisfying for all.

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