Human Resources: Managing Work and Family

Managing work and family life is truly a balancing act.  It can be a nightmare trying to create a schedule that works both for a career and the individual.  Keeping a work-life balance is a difficult task and it may take some time.  However, we have created some tips on how to successfully create that balance.

Set goals and write them down

It sounds very simple, but set goals for yourself and your family. Without them there’s no direction or vision. Balancing a job with family responsibilities becomes hard when there is no clear goal. By setting objectives and tasks, you minimize the risk for your family life to get in the way of your work life, and vice versa. It is good to set a goal that is simple and realistic. An example of an objective would be to ‘wake up and get kids ready for the day’. A task would be more detailed. Such as, ‘wake up at 7am eat breakfast with kids, get kids ready, take the kids to daycare, make it to work by 9am’. By doing this you have set a routine, and minimized the risk of being late to work.

Make quality time for yourself and your children

Sometimes it can feel like there is never a moment for rest or quiet time. However, here are some tips to get that ‘me’ time while not sacrificing the quality time that your children need with you.

Exercise early in the morning before your kids wake up. You may be saying “There is no way I am going to wake up early and work out! That time is for sleep”. However, by working out you give yourself a much-needed energy boost first thing in the morning. Also, it will help in managing stress at work.

Turn the TV off after getting home from work. TV is a huge distraction for both you and your kids, and it can interfere with the quality time that children need. Think of some fun activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Schedule a time for ‘me’ time. Asking your spouse to take the kids somewhere, or to play with them while you rest or hop in the bathtub is a great way to unwind.

Lastly, make sure to relax. You are not superwoman or superman. At the end of the day, when you have managed to wake up, get the children ready, eat breakfast, drop the kids off, work all day, and come home you have truly already accomplished a lot. Let go of the stress and focus on the family when you are at home, and work when you are at work.