Human Resources: Develop a Comprehensive Wellness Policy for Your Business

When you improve the lives of your workers, your company reaps the benefits. One way to make gains in organizational development is to create a comprehensive wellness policy. When  human resources contributes to the health of employees,  they are more productive. Here are various components to consider when crafting health promoting regulations for your business.

Physical Activity

Promote exercise in the workplace. Put up a “walking buddy” list so employees can sign up to take walks with other workers during breaks and lunches. Place some simple workout equipment such as small weights and exercise bands in the break room. Post a list of simple exercises that can be done at the office such as squats, marching in place and jumping rope. Include information on the amount of calories burned in 20 minute intervals to help inspire employees.


Provide bottled water to your employees. Stock the break-room refrigerator with wholesome and nutritious snacks such as yogurt, fruit, hummus and crunchy vegetables. Hold seminars dedicated to the topic of proper nutrition for health to educate your workers. Set up a weight loss program that employees can sign up for. Track amount of pounds loss in the organization as a whole to keep dieters motivated.


Good health depends on a clean environment. Encourage employees to wipe down their work stations daily. Clean doorknobs and landline phones with a bleach containing product as these are used by all. Remove trash from the facility frequently. Help prevent the spread of germs by educating employees to properly wash their hands, avoid overly close contact with others and to stay home when ill to prevent infecting others.


Smoking contributes greatly to a myriad of health conditions. Educate your employees regarding the dangers of tobacco use and the harm inflicted by second-hand smoke. Institute a no-smoking policy for the entire work property. Include a ban on “vaping” as these devices use harmful chemicals as well and the emissions can cause harm to others.

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