Human Resources: Motivate Your Underachieving Employees

An underperforming worker in your company is cause for concern. Not only does your business suffer from the lack of productivity of one employee, but the lack of effort is disconcerting to the rest of your staff. Morale in the office drops and grumbling ensues. Learn how to motivate an underachiever so everyone in the workplace benefits.Determine the reason for an employee’s lack of effort. There are several possibilities including a lack of skills, negative attitude, distractions, personal issues and even laziness. Question whether the employee recently began slacking off or if they have underperformed consistently from the time of employment. Meet with the employee for a frank discussion. Explain how the lack of effort affects everyone in the company. Encourage the employee to tell you what is happening with them. Address the concerns as possible, letting them know you support them and will work with them to improve their performance. Make him a part of a team or partnership.   This will hold the employee accountable for their share of the work tasks. When they know what he is specifically required to do for the team, they will likely get it done. Get your employee thinking about the future. Help them make a plan for the next three months. Set reachable goals together. Offer them additional training and educational opportunities that will help them achieve them. Dangle the “carrot” in front of him. Give the employee incentives to work harder and more efficiently. Be fair, though, and give all employees the opportunity to vie for any tangible awards you offer. Remember the one important reward that costs nothing is your vocal appreciation. When you motivate an underachieving employee, everyone shares in his success.  Teamwork improves and energy rises. Your leadership has proven crucial to the health of your entire company.