Human Resources: Opportunities, Hiring Practices and Success in Business

When you ask successful business owners how they got to that stage, you get various responses. This is because different individuals have different driving factors. Some people might tell you that they work for the love of it. Others might say that finances are a motivating factor. And some might say that they do it for their loved ones. Either way, it seems as though there is no fixed answer. But still, you can learn a great deal by asking the question.

Taking Advantage of It When Opportunity Knocks

Some people might actually tell you that they got where they did purely on the basis of luck. “One day, I got this call and it changed my life,” they might say. “Coincidentally, I happened to meet someone who was perfect for the job.” “I didn’t expect it but I got funding from an old friend who thought it was a great idea.”

However, there’s one thing you could keep in mind when you hear these stories about luck. And that is that it takes a certain amount of forethought to accept it when opportunity knocks at your door. Aren’t there several things in your life that you regret not doing? That scholarship that you didn’t take up? That person that you didn’t hire?

The fact is that sometimes, things seem almost too perfect and, as a result, you start having doubts about them. But sometimes, those doubts are unnecessary. So practice saying “yes” more often.

How People Surrounding You Influence Your Success

Often, the people surrounding you also have an influence on your level of success. Some business owners might say that they were spurred on by their partners who supported them in what they were trying to do. Or they felt motivated by the fact that they wanted to create a better life for their children.

Successful business owners also tend to hire people whom they trust and develop long-term relationships with them. They examine new hires on the basis of their attitude and their willingness to do the job. Sometimes, you may hire someone who’s highly qualified but who thinks that the job is beneath them. A successful business owner would prefer to hire someone who is less qualified but eager to do the job.

Someone who values their position is more likely to do a better job than someone who thinks they are meant for better things. Developing a long-term relationship with this person, giving them the raises and promotions they deserve and generally treating them well can help you a great deal in running your business.