Tips for Increasing Work Productivity

Everyone wants to be the employee who gets everything done and then has time left to help out someone else! Do you wish you could get more done in less time? Work on these easy tips, and you’ll be well on your way to a productive high.

Break Down Your Day into Parts

Got a big day ahead? Don’t get overwhelmed by considering everything you need to finish! Instead, break your day into parts. When you finish your morning routine, move onto the next section of the day. When that is finished, do the next section, and so on. Smaller projects are less intimidating, and you can feel the progress you’re making if you move through each part instead of considering it all as one big chunk.

Take a Break

Does it seem counter-intuitive to take a break to increase your productivity? Nevertheless, breaks cut down on stress, renew your energy, and keep you sharper. So, whether you need a week-long vacation or a 15-minute coffee break, take it! Your work will be better after the rest.

Have a Vision to Keep You Focused

This vision could be a long-term goal that your manager shares with you. It could be a vision of yourself enjoying your grandkids in retirement. It could be a vision of the higher position you’re working toward. Or, it could be a vision of finishing a day of work so you can relax at the library afterward. Whatever your vision is, let it drive you forward. You’re not doing this job for nothing!


Some parts of your job are probably less important than others. Part of staying focused and being productive is making sure you’re doing the tasks that really need to be done. If getting a report into your boss by the end of the day is vital, and working on your file system could be done next month, make sure you’re doing the report and not the filing!

Keep a Positive Attitude

Even when you do something wrong, tell yourself that you’re learning from your mistakes and next time you’ll get it right. Beating yourself up over mistakes will not help you get more done. Acknowledge what you did, apologize if necessary, and move forward!

Being a productive powerhouse won’t happen overnight. Keep practicing these tips and they will grow into healthy habits that help you get your work finished.