Human Resources: Special Considerations During the Holiday Season

November is upon us, and it’s almost time for the Holidays. The holidays bring joy and time with our families and communities, and they also come with special considerations for human resources to consider in the workplace. Here are some factors to consider and ways you can ensure a holiday season that’s enjoyable and festive to all.

Throw a fun holiday party. November and December are great months for your company’s annual party, but unless you run a religious organization, make sure all religious events stays completely out of the celebration. The event you hold needs to be optional, held after hours, and no employees can be required to go. Not every employee wants to participate in after-hours socializing, and this is okay.

Holiday Bonuses. If your company can manage it financially, giving your employees a financial bonus will uplift the mood and spirit of goodwill in the office culture. Best of all, you can give a relatively small amount of money and still get this benefit! Unlike performance bonuses, make sure you give everyone the same amount of money.

Paid time off. Many of your employees will want to take time off to be with their families at this time of year. Be sure you come up with a system that allows you go award time off consistently and fairly, particularly if your company is in an industry that needs many people in the office over the holidays. Depending on your industry, you may also want to consider shutting down the office around the holidays and giving paid time off to all of your staff.

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