Human Resources – 5 Tips for Recruiting Top Talent

Human Resources is tasked with finding the best people who can fit seamlessly into an organization.  However, while seemingly straightforward, recruiting highly capable, qualified candidates is a challenge. Hire the wrong person and your company not only loses money, but negatively impacts morale.  Here are five tips for recruiting top talent for your company. 

Consider Employee Referrals

Taking advantage of a strong employee referral program can make a big difference in the candidate pool.  Not only do you have access to prime candidates through your own employees, but you are ensuring that the suggested candidates will more likely be a good fit for your organization.

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Social media is all the rage these days and recruiters would be wise to take advantage of it.  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all great tools for sourcing candidates.  Make sure your company also establishes a social media account, such as Facebook, and uses it to post jobs.

Create Informative Job Advertisements

A well-written and catchy job advertisement can help hook a candidate’s interest. The job advertisement should also include accurate information relating to the job and loosely describe the day-to-day duties in a job role. Additionally, consider what motivates and interests your particular candidate and tailor your message relative to that type of individual. 

Employ an Applicant Tracking System

Take advantage of technology available today and implement an applicant tracking system as part of your recruiting process.  Sometimes the numbers of applicants are overwhelming; an applicant tracking system can not only keep you organized, but help screen candidates.

Build Relationships

By meeting people and maintaining relationships, a recruiter is able to explore a larger pool of candidates even if many of those candidates are actively employed.  Also attend fairs, workshops, trade shows, and industry events to build awareness about your company while establishing connections that could become fruitful in the future.  

If you don’t have time to get bogged down with recruiting and you want to focus on what your company does best – contact us at ModernHR and see how our professionals can help you!