5 Strategies to Help You Deal With Stress at Work

Stress at work is a common problem. The rate of burnout in the United States can be extremely high for those who don’t have the proper coping skills. By using these five strategies, you can cut down on high-pressure stress.

1) Conflict Avoidance

While not all conflict can or should be avoided, knowing when and how to pick your battles at work can result in a much smoother worker environment. When the conversation is no longer productive to what needs to be done, walking away can be your best option.

2) Take Time to Recharge

By engaging in other activities, you can cut back on ruminating thoughts that may intrude on time outside of work. If your job requires you to work online, it may be a good idea to unplug for the weekend or exercise outdoors. This will allow you to return to work feeling reinvigorated, which will help you perform at your best.

3) Keep Healthy Boundaries

Even with smartphones and the internet, nobody can be on call every hour of the day. Try to set firm lines around when you will check work email or even answer calls.

4) Concentrate on Breathing

Meditation does not have to be visible to others. By simply exhaling slightly longer than inhaling, the breath can naturally lower heart rate, which can tie directly to anxiety.

5) Don’t Vent

Although it may be instinctually wired in humans to seek comfort through venting, this type of coping can help you relive the original anxiety-producing event. Venting to other colleagues can also backfire if the conversation is directed at someone in the office.

Keeping stress levels at a low is good for both physical and emotional health. By adjusting small patterns throughout the day, the benefits can be huge.