5 Things That Motivate Your Employees More Than Money

For most people, the workplace is like their second home. That is because people spend most of their time in workplaces as compared to their homes. Money is often the main motivational factor, but employers have realized that other factors can equally inspire workers to work even harder. A happy and pleased employee is a growing and healthy organization. Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors that inspire workers.

Training and Development

Seek to make your employees a better version of themselves. This vital move tells your employees that they matter to the growth and well-being of the company and that there is more to offer within their role. Allow the employees to attend workshops, conferences and networking events. However, before conducting the training and development for employees, conduct an assessment for the skills to understand exactly what each employee requires.


Employees like it when their efforts are acknowledged. That brings about a sense of security, pride in their work and a sense of well-being. Where a lack of a sense of recognition may not make one slowdown in their work, it is a great motivational factor. Recognition can be done in various ways, such as awarding certificates to employees, extra praise or a simple team lunch out.


Controlled employees tend to be unmotivated and resentful. When employees are given the necessary instructions and allowed to work by themselves and make their own choices, they tend to provide better projects. Autonomy allows the employees to feel like they indeed are part of the company and that their voices and views matter.


Creating a healthy work surrounding is important as it will increase productivity and satisfaction. Provide all the requirements and create a warm environment that allows the employees to perform their duties as expected.


Show your employees that there is a higher rank to their current position that comes with better rewards. This will make the employees even more motivated and work harder towards a particular goal.

It is not always about money. The aforementioned factors also go a long way to motivate any workforce.