5 Ways You Can Show Your Motivation at Work

You are juggling a lot of responsibilities right now. Trying to give everything your best effort; working full-time, furthering your education, taking care of family and so much more. When you are feeling pulled in too many directions you can often feel that you aren’t presenting your best effort. So let’s take a look at some ways that you can show your motivation at work.

Learning something new

You are already showing the world that you are invested in learning new things and making yourself a better person by going to school online. Take that passion for learning and look for opportunities in your current job. No matter what position you hold, there is room for learning something new. Let’s say that you are working in a call center and answering customer calls. Engage with your mind when you take calls and see if you can find patterns of the types of calls that you need to address. If you find a trend that you often give the same advice on, talk to someone in your company about making things easier for your customers. 

Create small goals to work on

If you feel like everyday is the same thing at your job, create a small goal that you can work on to make your job more interesting, and increase your productivity at that same time. Here is an example for someone that orders supplies for a company. You were trained to order certain supplies from certain companies and you have been successful in continuing the pattern. However you have noticed that shipping costs have continued to rise and often wondered if you could work with a company that could supply you with multiple goods. This would make things easier for you, and most likely save the company money. A small goal could be looking through 3 supply catalogs this next week and seeing what company you might be able to work with for several of your supply needs.

Celebrate others accomplishments

When was the last time that someone told you that you were doing a great job? Positive reinforcement rarely takes priorities at companies. So take a few minutes each week to compliment someone that has accomplished something positively. The person receiving the praise will be uplifted and remember that you took the time to notice and took the time to say something. Often this behavior becomes a pay it forward situation.  That person now takes notice of things around them and spreads a thankful attitude and this positive reinforcement continues through the company. 

Stay flexible

It’s easy to get in a rut in your job, but if you stay flexible you never know where the next great opportunity might come from. Say you are in a team meeting and the leader of the meeting asks for volunteers to help out with a special project that they are developing. Listen carefully and see what they are looking for the volunteers to do, and see if it’s a good match for you. You will have the opportunity to try something new, and your name will be remembered when they are looking for people that are willing to push the envelope.

Solve puzzles

Work usually comes with change and often that change creates a learning curve for everyone. Approach new requests as a puzzle to solve. If you company has just installed new computer software and you have gone through the initial training, did you learn everything that you need to do in your job? If you have a job requirement that needs to use the software in a unique way, work the puzzle until you find a solution that works for you and the company. 

Take your love for learning and show your motivation in your current job. You may be going to school to learn a new trade, but a motivated employee is always a valuable employee. Put your best foot forward and see what new opportunities await you. Please contact us if we can be of any further assistance.