Do You Go with Your Own Vision or Give People What They Want?

Most people start a business because they have a vision. Maybe they get an idea that strikes them as great, and they just want to put it into action. Or they might be unhappy with the way that things are run in the company where they work, so they want to set up their own company where things will be more organized/pleasant/sensitive to employees’ needs. Some entrepreneurs might believe that they can make their clients’ lives better or easier with their product, and this is what spurs them on.

So these are all different reasons why people decide to start a business. But they can all be summed up under one overarching reason i.e., they have a vision. They see things being a certain way. And they can see this so clearly that they feel an urge to make it into a reality.

Practical and Impractical Visions

It’s really great to have a vision, whether or not you can put it into action. And everyone has visions of this sort. Sometimes, your vision might be impractical. After all, each one of us has dreamed of winning a Grammy award, whether or not we’re really into music.

But there are also visions which seem more grounded and practical. These are the kinds of visions that we can turn into reality.

The Market Research Route

On the other hand, however, you hear a lot about giving the consumer what s/he wants. People put a lot of money into market research to find out what people want. Then they make that product or provide that service.

And there’s something to be said for this approach too. It doesn’t start as a vision but it definitely fulfills a need.

Should You Follow Your Vision?

So if you want to go the market research route in your company, that’s great. But if you’re more of a visionary, then keep in mind that just because something comes from the recesses of your mind doesn’t mean that it’s not going to fulfill a need. You came up with that idea because it sounded good to you. So it would definitely fulfill one of your own needs. And it’s also possible that it will fulfill one of your consumer’s needs.

You can always make the product, then do some market research and find out how people respond to it. Just remember that if you do have a vision that feels so real you can almost touch it, then it would be a criminal waste not to make an effort to turn it into reality.