Five Surprising Facts About Human Resources

We thought we knew a lot about human resources, but then we compiled this list of five surprising facts, and we were a little surprised ourselves. Success in your organization is not limited to actualizing your goals. Listed are some facts that will help you appreciate and handle your human resources better. 

  • First fact; studies indicate that about 70 percent of on job training occurs informally. This might be a tough balancing act for both the experienced, let alone inexperienced managers. However, outsourcing the services and working closely with your team will make the most out of the trainees.
  • Second fact; most human resource managers believe that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week. It is imperative to make sure all workdays are treated with utmost seriousness, which is achievable through regular employee motivation.
  • Third fact; communication with the organization plays an integral role in actualizing the goals of the organization. Research shows that organization with poor communication channels face challenges when actualizing their goals
  • Fourth, another fun fact shows that about 58 percent of new employees that go through a structured onboard program are likely to be with an organization for more than three years. Should you not understand how to go about this, outsourcing such services from a firm that understands how to go about it will get the job done.
  • The fifth shocking research fact shows that 57 percent of all employers view employee retention as a challenge. Additional research shows that a massive 22 per cent of new employees quit their new jobs in less than two months. These facts can strain the resources of your organization as well as affecting projected productivity. 


The challenges mentioned above might seem like a tough balancing act between realizing your goals and managing your team. The good news is, they can seamlessly be handled or eliminated by outsourcing a professional and experienced human resources management firm.