Writing a good mission statement for your business

A mission statement is an important part of any business. It helps define and shape the basic point of a business’s existence.  The mission statement is how a consumer or employee knows what your business is all about.

According to Google, a mission statement is “a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual”. A good keyword to note here would be ‘summary’. This is because the mission statement is not supposed to be some long-drawn-out dissertation about how your business is better than everyone else. Instead, is to be used to drive your employees throughout the day as they work to grow your business, and also to let the average consumers who do not have much extra time on their hands to know what you are all about.

A good way to sum up a business is by displaying your core values. The core values of your business show the consumers what the beliefs of your business are. Whether you are displaying integrity, faith, intuitiveness, or uniqueness, it portrays a sense of purpose behind the product.

Since there is not much room within a mission statement’s summary, it is important to share just the important details with the reader. Make sure that the content of the mission statement has a purpose. When the reader views your mission statement a good goal to strive for is to keep their attention and give them something to build on as they navigate throughout the rest of your website. Try not to use many descriptive adverbs within your mission statement. This can take up extra space which can be used to present more important information to the viewer. 

In conclusion, a company’s mission statement should be short and to the point. No fill words. It should describe what your business is about and give the user something to lean on when going through your website. The mission statement give the reader a clear vision of what you are all about and why they should work for you as an employee or purchase a product from you as a consumer.