Give Your Life a Makeover by Introducing a Burst of Positivity

Many people unknowingly surround themselves with negativity at work and in their personal lives. This negativity can come in the form of a critical person who keeps putting you down time and again. It can also come in the form of coworkers who like to get together and criticize the boss or other coworkers. Or it can even come from you, if you’re holding on to outmoded ways of doing things that were taught to you when you were a kid.

Changing the Way You Dress

There are many ways of getting rid of negativity. The first thing that many self-help gurus suggest is dressing well. Are you holding on to old, ratty clothes that don’t fit you anymore? Do their dull colors make you feel dull day after day? If so, you can throw those clothes out and buy new ones in brighter colors and better fits. You could also get a haircut if you’ve been wearing your hair the same way for a number of years. A little change in your appearance can make you feel better and more positive.

Changing Things in Your Environment

You may also be holding on to negativities in your environment. This might include that sofa with all the cracks, those lamps that never seem to work, those paintings that someone gave you (or that you bought, in a misguided moment) which just make you feel depressed when you look at them etc. You can also spruce up your surroundings by getting rid of things that don’t work or that just look bad. Just ask yourself how you feel when you look at that thing. And if you don’t feel that good, then get rid of it.

Changing Your Friends

Refusing to engage with negative people is also a great way to get rid of negativity. Does your best friend subtly make you feel bad about yourself? Does she comment on your appearance, your weight, your relationships, the way you talk etc.? Does she try to give you makeovers that make you look worse? Does she interrupt you in front of other people and tell you to “stop putting yourself forward”?

This is not an exaggeration because people like this do exist, and they will tell you that they’re “doing it for your own sake.” They’ll discourage you from applying for promotions and ruin your romantic relationships by poisoning your mind against your partner. So it’s best to start avoiding them as much as possible.

Finding Positive Alternatives

Start small if you must and move on to the bigger things as time goes on. You’ll find that more positive alternatives will automatically find their way to your in terms of clothes, furniture and friends, as soon as you get rid of the negative ones.