How Can Human Resources Improve Employees’ Work Life Balance?

“Work-life balance” is a term that is heard often in the business world, especially from stressed-out business professionals.  But why should human resource professionals care about whether or not employees are feeling stressed out?   Employees who are dissatisfied at work are more likely to be disengaged and make mistakes, and a whopping 72% of employees reported being unhappy with their work-life balance, according to a recent study.  So, how can human resources help ensure that employees feel they have a good work-life balance? 

Ask Employees What They Need.  You may not know what type of support employees are looking for in your company.  Before identifying ways to support their work-life balance, consider directly surveying employees.  An anonymous survey may reveal symptoms of overworked staff or identify ideas you might not have thought of.     

Make sure employees know about company-wide benefits.  Health insurance can offer employees more than a trip to the doctor.  Can they visit a mental health professional to manage stress, or visit a chiropractor or massage therapist?  Helping employee’s understand their benefits can help them stay healthier, happier and will reduce stress. 

Encourage exercise.  Employees with jam-packed schedules may not have the time (or energy) to hit the gym after work.  However, exercise boosts energy levels and supports physical and mental health.  Consider offering lunch-time yoga classes or after-work walking groups, and offer support for employee walkathons and other activities. 

Fostering a sense of work-life balance may not happen overnight.  If it is a culture shift, it will take a while for human resources, management, and employees to embrace the change. The benefits, however, are worth it.  When human resources departments champion a healthy working environment, employees will likely be more engaged, productive, and happier. Visit CPEhr and ModernHR for human resources ideas to strengthen your workplace.