Human Resources – Managing Stress in Your Career

In today’s uncertain job climate stress is becoming more prevalent. Learning to deal with stress, and learning to control what you have the power to control will be the difference you need for success in your career.

As stress increases, a feeling of being overwhelmed in your job has the direct correlation to loss of productivity and effectiveness.  This deteriorating cycle is something that is having a direct impact on Human Resources and the overall health of the organization. Learning to become an employee with a strong resilience in the workplace will increase your value for the organization and, in turn, for your career.

Prioritize Your Top 3 Each Day

One of the biggest contributors to workplace stress is the sheer number of things that needs attention each day.  One way to control your reaction to an impossible to do list is to make a manageable plan of action. Choosing 3 tasks to accomplish in your day sets you up for success. These three tasks should indeed be “tasks”, an actionable step towards reaching a project completion. Once you complete these 3 tasks you are going to have the sense of accomplishment for completing your goal.  You will also find that your accomplishment will propel you forward with the energy to keep going.  

Making Yourself Stronger

Taking care of yourself is another way to master your reaction to stress. Exercise, sleep, healthy food choices are physical things that can control to increase your health and resilience. In addition, it is important to boost your emotional health, by building a supportive network. Having someone who will actively listen to you and provide support when and where you need it is a critical step in managing stress.

Influence Your Reactions

Self-Awareness and Social-Awareness are important skills to have in today’s business environment. Self-Awareness is your ability to identify your emotions and the impact they have and using that knowledge to reach effective decisions. Social-Awareness is your ability to understand other’s emotions and react in a way to positively influence interactions. Search out a role model for increasing your skills in this area. Improving your ability to identify and influence your reactions will further your ability to reduce your stress reaction to things that are outside your control.

Working in a healthy and constructive manner with others as well as independently will influence the path of your career success. Building stress management skills now will improve your work and life balance and make for a more enjoyable career path.

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