Recruiting Candidates with the Right Cognitive Skills and Personality

When you’re looking to hire quality talent, you can try to attract candidates with more money and better benefits. But the fact is that a good candidate is one who loves his/her job. If you love your job, then you’re bound to perform it well no matter what type of remuneration you’re getting. So the solution is to find someone who loves

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Difficult employee? Save your sanity and follow these steps

Every workplace has them: the gossiper, the complainer, the blamer, the slacker. Don’t let a bad apple ruin your day or your team. Check your emotions, side-step the drama, and follow these steps to handle the situation. A difficult employee can sabotage your team The key to managing difficult employees is to handle problems at once. Ignoring their behaviors can cause morale

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How to Attract the Best Employees for Your Workplace

Employees’ desires and demands are evolving each and every day. This makes it difficult for employers to satisfy their employees. For an employer to attract and retain a top-ranked workforce, they need to understand what the employees are looking for from the company. Below are the top talent trends that can be used by companies that want to stay ahead of the game when

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Ideal Workplace

5 Characteristics of an Ideal Workplace

Employee motivation and performance highly depends on the work environment. A positive work environment will encourage employees to sacrifice their needs, personal interests, and goals to grow their careers. Uncomfortable employees will have low motivation and their performance level will decline. Here are the five characteristics of an ideal workplace. 1. Strong Employer-Employee Relation An employer-employee relationship should be respectful and fulfilling.

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4 Workplace Etiquette Rules Every Employee Should Follow

When it comes to day to day dealings at a company, it’s important for those who work there to have manners and to show courtesy toward others around them. It promotes a positive work atmosphere when everyone acts in a way that shows consideration for their coworkers. But when things get busy at your job, sometimes you may forget or neglect some

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